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Best parenting apps

Once, parents would have to rely on their own intuition, word of mouth and trial and error to navigate the many challenges children threw their way. Now? There’s an app for that – in fact, there are several of them!



Like Tinder, but for linking up with other new and soon-to-be mums to talk all things parenting. It’s perfect for meeting new mum friends, sharing titbits and asking questions only other mums can answer.

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Help your children start building financial literacy from the moment they get their first pocket money payment with the help of BusyKid. Perfect for children aged four to 16, this app helps you manage chores, set allowance and track their spending – plus so much more!

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Snug as a Bub

Your baby’s temperature can seriously impact how well they sleep – and, according to experts, even increase the risk of SIDS – but it can be hard to know what to dress them in to keep them comfy. Snug as a Bub eliminates the guess work, giving you the perfect sleepwear recommendation for their surroundings.

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Baby and Child First Aid

This app – brought to you by the experts at the British Red Cross – is an essential for any parent’s phone. It is a trusted source for everything from asthma attacks to broken bones, perfect in case of an emergency.

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FamilyTime Parental Controls

This app gathers everything you need to regulate your children’s screen time and puts it at your fingertips. You can check their location, monitor their app usage, block certain apps and limit their screen time, plus so much more.

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