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Edge Early Learning Where your Children Discover Wellbeing

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Children’s growth happens holistically, with a connection between mind and body. Discover our philosophy and our approach to wellbeing, community and sustainability.

Edge Early Learning Childcare & Kindergarten

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Learning is a life-long journey. Find out how we structure your child’s development and encourage their passion for discovery, from Nursery to Kindergarten and beyond.

How to find the perfect early learning centre in Canberra.

Finding the perfect Canberra childcare centre near you is easy with our find a centre page. We have several early learning centres in Canberra, with locations including Higgins, Ngunnawal, and Charnwood. Finding the right childcare centre in Canberra has never been easier; simply book a tour at one of our centres to meet our Educators, learn more about our programs, and how we can support your child through their early learning journey. 

Our Canberra early learning centres

At Edge Early Learning, we believe that holistic learning develops both the body and mind. Our early learning centres in Canberra embrace our key philosophies to help your child develop stronger social skills, stay active, and be connected to their local community. 

Edge Early Learning Childcare & Kindergarten

At our Canberra centres, our learning framework is an Inquiry Based Philosophy. This is supported by  The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF V2.0), which focuses on the importance of play-based learning to guide children toward achieving developmental goals across the following five learning outcomes:

Children have a strong sense of identity

Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Children are confident and informed learners

Children are effective communicators

Edge Early Learning Childcare & Kindergarten

Why should you use Edge Early Learning Centres in Canberra?

We understand every parent wants the best for their child and that their skills and talents should be nurtured from a young age. At Edge Early Learning centres in Canberra, we ensure your child has access to the best tools to help develop their minds and social skills. From nursery all the way through to preschool, we tailor our programs to align with your child’s physical and mental capabilities, while extending on their learnings and encouraging powerful relationship building skills through socialisation.


We work with children from as young as six weeks up to school age.

At Edge Early Learning, we follow play-based learning frameworks, so your child has the space to discover themselves and learn how to interact with others. You can learn more about our approach to learning and understand more about our programs and why our early learning centres are some of the best in Canberra. 

To learn more about our Canberra childcare centres or curriculum:

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Families love Edge Early Learning in Canberra.

'I worked there as an educator. I loved this centre, all of my colleagues are so friendly and co-operative. They are always caring for all kids. Very clean and well-maintained centre.'
Maliha from Charnwood
'Outstanding organisation that goes out of its way to really care for your kids. Preeminent to say the least!'
Dan from Ngunnawal
'I have 2 children that go here and have for the past year. This is an incredible daycare with great facilities and equipment. The staff are the best out of any daycare I've sent my children to ever. They are super caring, kind and lovely. They teach so well and both my kids come home with heaps of new things learned every day! They also teach them imense amount of multicultural and inclusive things and it makes me so proud when they come home and teach me about various cultures, how to sign and heaps more.'
Thomas from Ngunnawal
Edge Early Learning Higgins

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