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Simple bath bombs DIY for children

03 July, 2024

Watch your child’s eyes light up with wonder as they watch the bath bomb they made themselves fizz and dissolve in their bath!

A bath is a great way to wind down, warm up and relax before bedtime. But some children need enticing to actually get in! Give your children a bathtime treat with a bath bomb or two. They’re easy and inexpensive to make using our easy bath bomb recipe – you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard!


What is a bath bomb?

A bath bomb is a solid mass, designed to fizz and dissolve in the bath, scenting the water with ingredients that can soften or exfoliate the skin. Children love the fizzing noise they make when they hit the water and the feel of the bath bomb as it slowly breaks down in their hands underwater. You can make bath bombs a special night of the week treat, a reward for good behaviour or just bring them out when you need a little extra enticement (okay, bribe) to get your children to have a bath!


Benefits of making bath bombs together

Children may be curious about how to make bath bombs. Making them together is a fun activity, with opportunities for children to learn about maths, art and science as they measure out ingredients using cups, spoons and scales, shape the bath bombs into moulds and build their decision-making skills by choosing their favourite colours and scents to add. You can ask them to hypothesise what they think might happen when their bath bomb recipe ingredients mix together, then hit the water and talk about chemical reactions and how solids can change to liquids. Children can also focus on their senses as they learn how to make bath bombs, feel the different textures of the ingredients and smell the essential oils.


How to make bath bombs

This bath bomb recipe uses natural ingredients and is easy to make at home.

Bath bombs DIY ingredients:

  • 100g bicarbonate of soda (bi-carb soda)
  • 50g citric acid
  • 25g cornflour
  • 2 tbsps oil (sunflower, coconut or olive oil)
  • ¼ tsp essential oil
  • 1-2 drops of food colouring


Bath bombs DIY tools:

  • mixing bowl
  • whisk
  • plastic moulds


Bath bombs DIY method:

  • Add bicarb soda, citric acid and cornflour in a mixing bowl and whisk until combined.
  • In a separate bowl, combine the oil, essential oil and food colouring.
  • Slowly pour small amounts of the wet mixture and a couple drops of water into the dry ingredients, whisking between pours until combined. The mixture should be able to clump together when you press your hand into it and keep its shape.
  • Pack the mixture tightly into moulds, pressing down and smoothing the top with a butter knife or spoon.
  • Leave the bath bomb to dry for two to four hours, then remove from the mould.
  • Add to the bath and watch it fizz!


Bath bomb easy recipe FAQs

Q. What should I use as a bath bomb mould?

A. Try cupcake or mini muffin tins, cookie cutters, playdough moulds, shaped silicone cupcake wrappers.


Q. Where do I buy citric acid?

A. Look for citric acid in the baking aisle at the supermarket. It’s usually near the bicarb soda, baking powder and cream of tartar.


Q. Where should I buy essential oils?

A. Pop them into your trolley next time you do a grocery shop. You should be able to find soothing lavender oil or refreshing peppermint oil in the same aisle as the bandaids.


Share your bath bomb recipe creations with us

Making bath bombs is a great activity to do with your children which has many benefits – not least of which is encouraging children to get clean! We’d love to see how your homemade bath bombs turn out. Consider sharing your creations with us online and tagging Edge Early Learning on Facebook or Instagram. You may also like to check out the Edge Early Learning blog for more ideas for sensory play using everyday items at home.

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