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Introducing Paper Planes: How Edge is Bringing Generations Together Through Learning

09 May, 2024

Here at Edge Early Learning, our core belief is to ‘instil a lifelong love of learning’. No matter the age, education is vital, and we are passionate about creating opportunities for growth and enrichment for everyone.

That is why we are excited to share the heartwarming success story of the intergenerational program, Paper Planes, and explore its profound benefits for both young children and Seniors.

Developed by Comlink Australia, the Paper Planes program brings together individuals from different generations in a nurturing environment to share wisdom and experiences, fostering joy and enrichment for all participants.

Edge was chosen to participate in a pilot program commencing in June last year, and the program was trialled within three of our Queensland-based centres.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the immense value of intergenerational connections in our communities.

In a survey undertaken by Comlink of the older participants before commencing the program, results showed that 60% felt they lacked companionship often. When they surveyed the participants again after just 6 months of the program running this statistic had reduced down to 20%, which is a significant improvement.

For Seniors, participation in such programs was also associated with improvements in physical health, functional ability, and mental wellbeing. These interactions reduce depression, enhance self-worth, and provide positive mental stimulation.

The success of Paper Planes has been remarkable, with the North Primary Health Network providing additional funding to continue the program in 2024.

This ongoing support underscores the program’s positive impact on the well-being of participants and the broader community, with the Paper Planes Program continuing at three of our Brisbane-based centres – Strathpine, Zillmere and North Harbour.

“We’re so thrilled to hold this partnership with Comlink that is both heartwarming and rewarding, reflecting our shared commitment to community enrichment and lifelong learning,” said Edge Early Learning CEO Annie Bryce.

“For children, the benefits from this program have been equally as significant to those of seniors, with interactions helping them to develop essential social skills, emotional intelligence, and communication abilities.”

“Through conversations with older generations, children can learn to articulate their thoughts effectively and develop a broader vocabulary, fostering a strong sense of self-worth and enhancing communication skills. Children may also benefit from the wisdom and experiences shared by the older generation.”

In celebration of the partnership, Edge Early Learning and Comlink Australia hosted a free community fun day at our Edge Strathpine centre in the Brisbane region, as part of Global Intergenerational Week (April 24-30).

Attended by hundreds of locals, attendees enjoyed free live music, entertainment, intergenerational activities, and much more, bringing together families and individuals of all ages.

We are very proud to facilitate these transformative experiences and witness the bonds that form between children and our local Seniors.

For more information about Edge Early Learning and Comlink Australia’s Paper Planes program, visit:

Seniors interested in joining the program can register their interest by contacting Comlink Australia at (07) 3485 0900 or via email at

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