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Easy handmade Christmas cards to make together and treasure forever

08 November, 2023

Teach your children the joy of giving by helping them to make handmade Christmas cards. Your family and friends will appreciate the personal touch and your kids will love creating special cards for their favourite people.


Electronic Christmas cards may be better for the environment, but a handmade Christmas card made with love and filled with a personal message can be a gift to treasure. You can try a variety of designs, or pick just one (and save the others for years to come!). Pop your Christmas playlist on, pull out your craft supplies and get into the festive spirit. If your children have older cousins or an aunt/uncle who’s into crafting, invite them around to help. The more the merrier!


Christmas tree card

Nothing says Christmas more than a Christmas tree. They have been evergreen symbols of life and hope around the world for centuries. Give your child free reign to decorate their Christmas tree cards however they please. Depending on their age, you could cut out green triangle trees for them to decorate, or they may like to cut out their own more detailed shape. Deck the trees with your coloured crayons or texta drawings or stick on embellishments. Stickers (gold stars are perfect) are great for little one’s fine motor skills or they could use glue to stick on sequins or gems.

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Fingerprint reindeer card

These cards are adorable and they preserve your child’s teeny tiny fingerprints forever! This activity does involve paint on little fingers, so it’s a great one to do while they’re strapped into a high chair, or outside. You could feature just one reindeer on each card, or add a personal touch and recreate your family. Be guided by your child and how much they want to do, especially if you have a lot of people on your Christmas card list!

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Christmas bauble card

This card looks amazing but doesn’t require a whole lot of artistic skill to make, so it’s perfect for kids with short attention spans. Gluing on baubles is great practice for their fine motor skills. If you choose to use gems for the baubles, be sure to supervise little ones closely as they could be a choking risk.

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Fingerprint candy cane card

This is a great card for teaching kids about patterns as they alternate between adding fingerprints in red and white to make a candy cane shape. Print a template or just draw one yourself. This works best on coloured cardboard – green looks so Christmassy.

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Washi tape Christmas tree card

This is one of the easiest, tidiest Christmas card crafts, it looks great and teaches kids about measurements too! All you need is a card, washi tape and scissors and you can make the cutest Christmas trees. If your child can use scissors safely, they can cut the tape themselves, or for smaller children, you can cut it for them and help them stack them from longest to shortest to make a triangle Christmas tree shape.

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