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A comprehensive guide to free kindy in Queensland in 2024

22 May, 2024

Kindy is a fantastic way to introduce children to all the skills they need to succeed at school. New funding means that from 2024 every Queensland child can attend kindy for free! Here’s what you need to know:

What is the Free Kindy Qld program?

The Free Kindy Qld program pays for all Queensland children to attend a government-approved kindergarten program in the year before they start school. The Free Kindy Qld program ensures each child is funded for 15 hours of kindy a week over 40 weeks – equal to four school terms – so every child can benefit from 600 hours of free kindergarten during their pre-prep year.


Why is kindy being provided for free?

Kindy is a terrific way to prepare children for school. They’re engaged in play-based learning with children of the same age, developing confidence and social skills, so when they start school they can hit the ground running. It’s so beneficial! Here’s a taste of a typical kindy day at Edge Early Learning.


Is each day of the week my child attends kindergarten free?

Maybe, maybe not – it really depends on your individual circumstances, including your family’s income and how many hours your child is enrolled.

Edge Early Learning provides long day care, meaning our centres are open from early in the morning to late in the evening, so you can drop your child off on the way to work, for example, and pick them up on the way home. This gives you the flexibility to enrol your child to attend kindy over a number of days, for more than the 15 Free Kindy Qld hours, depending on what works best for your family. Additional hours are not free, but may be covered by the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy.


What are wrap-around care hours?

Many families choose to enrol their child in kindy over two or three days, while others enrol them fulltime, similar to a school week. The Free Kindy Qld program covers the costs of the first 15 hours, with any additional care considered “wrap-around care”. Wrap-around care is not free, but you should check your eligibility for the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy which may cover some/all of the costs after the first 15 hours.


When does Free Kindy Qld start?

The Free Kindy program in Queensland started on 1 January 2024, so it’s available right now.


Who is eligible for free kindy in Queensland?
All Queensland children are eligible for 15 free kindy hours for 40 weeks during the year immediately before they start school, although there are a few rules:

  • Your child must be 4 years-old by June 30 the year before starting prep;
  • They must enrol in an approved kindy program, such as the program offered at Edge Early Learning; and
  • They are expected to enrol for the full 40-week program of kindy.


Can a child on a visa still access Free Kindy Qld benefits?

All children of families on the Refugee and Humanitarian Visa and children of families with a temporary resident visa can access free kindy in 2024.


When should my child start kindy?

Your child must be 4 years-old by June 30 the year before starting school. Use the Queensland Government’s eligibility calculator to check when your child is eligible to be enrolled in the Free Kindy Qld program. It’s quick and easy!

If your child is already enrolled in pre-kindergarten at Edge Early Learning, they will seamlessly transition into kindergarten. You don’t need to do anything.

If you’re looking for a centre to enrol your child for kindy, we’d love you to book a tour to visit your local Edge Early Learning centre so we can show you what we do. You can also enquire online to secure a spot or be placed on our waitlist.


How does the Free Kindy Qld program work with the Child Care Subsidy?

You can claim both the Child Care Subsidy and Free Kindy at the same time. The first 15 hours a week of kindy is free and the Child Care Subsidy may cover some/all of the remaining cost, depending on your family’s individual circumstances. We’ve put together more information for you about the subsidy.


Secure your child’s spot now

Our kindy program at Edge Early Learning has limited spots available, so we advise parents to enquire early – preferably in the year before your child starts kindy – so you can take advantage of the Free Kindy Qld program and secure a spot for your child.

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