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Our favourite toys for screen-free fun

08 June, 2021

Three young children playing with wooden toy
Who needs TV shows and iPads when you have these fun toys to play with? From walking dinosaurs to marble roller coasters, they certainly don’t make children’s toys like they used to.

Sylvanian Families caravan

If your family hasn’t yet been introduced to the imaginative world of Sylvanian Families, this is the perfect piece to get you started. Offering a cosy home away from home for your characters, this caravan comes complete with a kitchen, a seating area (which doubles as a bed) and a full bathroom. Not to mention, it comes with over 35 accessories.

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Learning Can Be Fun 650-piece Counting and Sorting Kit
Learn to count, sort and create sequences and patterns via the 650 different pieces. The counters include bears, dual-coloured counters, transparent counters, plastic tiles, pattern blocks, farm animals and fruit counters. There are also six bowls and an eight-compartment tray for sorting. The included activity cards outline activities for the contents of the kit.

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 Walking Dino Kit

Building your own dinosaur isn’t as much work as you might think – with this wooden kit, your triceratops or tyrannosaurus rex simply pops together like a puzzle! No tools, glue, or ancient DNA required. Once your wooden dinosaur is complete, clap your hands (or let out your own fierce, primordial cry) and watch it walk.

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Edx Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set
The Edx Education Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set is perfect for early learners, helping to develop sorting, sequencing, counting, creativity and colour recognition skills. The set includes twelve A4 laminated, double-sided activity cards with designs that you can copy or be inspired by and 48 rubber pebbles (an assortment of four sizes of rubber pebbles and 6 colours included).
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Bluey Pool Time Fun

We’ve never met a child who doesn’t love Bluey, so it goes without saying that just about every child will love this Bluey pool playset. The pool features a diving board and a variety of pool toys for your Bluey toy (included) to play with, plus her very own goggles. There is also a cabana on the pool deck, perfect for relaxing in the shade, and the pool itself can be filled with water for a more realistic playing experience.

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Quadrilla ‘Race to the Finish’

This 58-piece ‘Race to the Finish’ Quadrilla by Hape is the perfect first step on your children’s marble racing journey! You can choose different designs to build by following the coloured detailed instructions or build your very own design from scratch. When you’re finished, drop two marbles in and watch as they race to the bottom.

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Orchard Toys Red Dog Blue Dog Lotto Game
This award-winning children’s first lotto game features fun and friendly illustrations of everyday characters and objects which your children will recognise, including teddy bears to cars to bunnies. To win, players must be the first to match all the coloured pictures on their playing board. The game helps develop children’s colour recognition and also helps with matching and memory skills.
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