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Screen-free weekend fun

02 April, 2020

Screen free ideas and activities for kids

While we have grown to love social media and digital connectivity in our modern world, many parents wouldn’t be too upset about forgoing their digital devices for a day or two. And we are pretty sure you’ll be happy to remove your child from their screens too. Is your family ready for a digital detox? How about this weekend? Why not try some of these simple, screen-free alternatives…



Whether you’re on a plush rug indoors or soaking up the sun outside, a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to keep the children entertained and their little minds stimulated. Take things up a notch and have them make their own puzzles, which they can easily do by drawing a picture on a piece of cardboard, drawing puzzle pieces over the top with a thick black marker and then cutting along the lines. It also means you can take some time out to sit and chat with them, which sure beats chasing them around all day – win, win!

Hours of entertainment: 1+




Knitting and crochet are two timeless, super-useful skills that many children probably won’t ever pick up. While some may think this hobby is reserved for people over 70, there is actually a growing trend of knitted clothes and crochet keepsakes. And if you don’t know how to knit or crochet yourself, now is a great time to learn!

Hours of entertainment: 1+




Get out those spare blankets and replenish the peg supply – building an indoor cubby house is one way to keep the children entertained for hours. All they’ll need are some well-positioned chairs, a bit of floor space and a lot of creativity. Plus, once the cubby’s built, they’ll have somewhere they can chill out.

Hours of entertainment: 2+




Board games are a tried and true way to keep children entertained, but have you thought about showing them how to make their own? Noughts and Crosses, Guess Who and Tic Tac Toe are a few examples of games they can recreate, but they could also make up their own if they’re feeling inspired! Pick up some coloured card, clue and a set of coloured markers and watch their imaginations run wild.

Hours of entertainment: 2+




Get crafty with an art-based activity – whether it’s making slime, painting on a canvas or page, drawing with chalk on an outdoor surface or trying a new craft activity, like macrame or making beaded bracelets, there are so many ways to help your kids explore their creativity when they’re not at school. Plus, it usually keeps them quiet!

Hours of entertainment: 2+ 

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