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Gift gorgeous DIY birthday cards you’ve made together at home

15 December, 2023

Children love birthday parties. Tap into that enthusiasm and encourage them to get crafting and make a personalised homemade birthday card. They’ll be developing their creativity and giving a card that’s extra special.


Children often start receiving birthday party invitations when they start socialising at preschool or daycare. Sometimes they come in waves, there will be nothing for months, and then, all of a sudden, your weekends are fully booked with children’s parties! Add in your existing commitments to family and friends and you’re going to need quite a few birthday cards!


Why make DIY birthday cards at home?

A DIY birthday card adds a personal touch to any gift and is a lovely activity to complete with your child.  It’s an opportunity to talk about the person celebrating their birthday and reflect on what they may like. Giving a personalised card shows you have cared to take the time and effort to create it and fosters an emotional connection between the maker and the recipient.

Rainy day? Have a DIY birthday card making session! You will thank yourself later if you have a bundle of ready-made birthday cards on hand! Save yourself the stress of a last-minute duck to the shops – and the squiggly, hard-to-read handwriting that comes from writing in a card on the drive to the party!

A homemade birthday card can be more cost effective than one bought from the shop and may be more sustainable too.


What are the benefits of a birthday card-making session with your child?

Engaging in art and craft activities, such as making a homemade birthday card, has a multitude of benefits for a child’s development. The birthday card making process encourages creativity and imagination. Planning the card stimulates a child’s cognitive skills and develops their self-expression, while drawing, painting, cutting and pasting helps to develop fine motor skills. Writing a message and signing their name gives a child an opportunity to practice forming their letters in a meaningful way. And giving a card they have made themselves is fantastic for a child’s self-esteem.


Easy birthday card ideas for kids to make

Start with a basic card and go from there. You can buy packs of plain cards with envelopes from most discount stores, or just grab a sheet or cardboard and cut it to make your own card. A piece of paper folded over works fine too. There are endless cardmaking ideas for children to try. Here are a selection that are easy to make and look fantastic too:


  • Balloon card: Cut out the shape of a balloon from coloured paper and glue it to the front of the birthday card. Draw a string from the balloon to the bottom of the card and add a birthday greeting.
  • Paper present card: Create the look of a birthday gift on your card by gluing wrapping paper to the front of the card and adding a bow around it. Top off the look with a gift tag and a sweet message.
  • Cut-out card: Using a piece of coloured or patterned paper, cut out the age of the recipient in the feature paper and glue this to the front of the card.
  • Hand-drawn touch: Keep it classic and add a drawing or personal message to the front of the card.A picture of your child with the card recipient is always a winner!
  • Recycle your child’s paintings: Cut one of your child’s paintings to cover the entire front of the card and gift pure art. Grandparents particularly love these and they also make great cards for kids.


What you’ll need to bring your DIY birthday cards to life

To create your homemade birthday card, it can be handy to have a special box set aside with birthday card making supplies. Stock it with items such as cardboard or blank cards, coloured paper, stickers, string or ribbon, gift tags, coloured pens or glitter pens, glue and sticky tape.


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