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7 crafts with a tissue box

01 July, 2022

tissue box craft
Cold and flu season is good for one thing and one thing only – tissue box craft. Instead of tossing your empty tissue boxes, consider setting them aside and using them for your next family craft activity! Here are seven ideas to get you started.

Funny monsters
These tissue box monsters are SO cute. We love how many different ways there are to decorate them, too. All you’ll need is some acrylic paint (white and different colours), some googly eyes, large pom poms, a black marker and, of course, some tissue boxes.
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Toy car wash
Your children’s toys need a top-quality car wash, right? We just love this craft idea from Craft, Learn & Play – it’s so cute, not to mention fun and relatively easy to make. You’ll need some foam sheets and sticks, a hot glue gun and scissors as well as a tissue box or two.
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School bus tissue box
Spruce up your tissue box with this cute school bus craft idea! We love the added detail of including photos of the members of your family – maybe you could suggest something similar for your child’s class?
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Have you ever thought about turning one of your old tissue boxes into a catapult? Believe it or not, you can – this one shoots objects eight to 10 feet, no less. Along with a tissue box, all you’ll need are three pencils, some rubber bands, a hole punch, a plastic cap, a pipe cleaner and basic craft tools.
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Cardboard guitar
A tissue box is perfect for more than holding tissues – the hole in the centre makes it an ideal shape for a cardboard guitar! Simply add a few strings, some cardboard to make a bridge, six split pins and your children will be well on their way to musical prodigy.
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Farm animals
This farm animal craft is a great way to use up those smaller, square tissue boxes instead of throwing them out. With a few paints, some glue sticks and googly eyes, you’ll have farm animals instead of empty tissue boxes in no time at all!
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A fire station
This craft calls for two tissue boxes but looking at the photos, you’ll understand why. It’s pretty impressive! If your child loves fire trucks, they’ll be blown away by this fire station craft – if not, use the same principles to turn it into a school, a barn or something else they like instead.
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