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10 Ways to Recycle Your Shoeboxes

19 April, 2021

Crafts in a shoebox
What do you when you acquire a shoebox? Are you one to toss it out, only keeping the brand-new shoes that came inside it, or do you keep it on hand in case you need it later on? These 10 craft ideas may inspire you to do the latter.

Make a mailbox
We love crafts that can be incorporated into all kinds of creative play, and this simple mailbox idea by Flower Bubbles is exactly that. Whether your children love playing house, shop or even post office, you’ll find plenty of ways to use it.
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Make a puppet theatre
If you ask us, the magic of a puppet theatre will never die. Have a collection of puppets on hand offers endless entertainment for children, but you need a place to show them off. This puppet shoebox craft idea by Sew A Softie is a great solution.
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Make a polar habitat diorama
Or any diorama for that matter! We love how this craft idea by First Palette uses the inside of the lid of the shoebox to add another layer to the diorama and think that the same principle could be applied to a whole range of diorama ideas. Perhaps a New York street/subway scene, or a flower bed?
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Make a hanging shelf
Shoeboxes don’t have to be reserved for play – they can also serve very functional purposes if you craft them correctly! Take this DIY hanging shelf idea by Handmade Charlotte, for example. All you need is some string, paint, scissors, a nail and, of course, your shoebox. Let the fun begin!
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Make a marble maze
Who needs an iPad when you have this fun marble maze?! We love the way that Hello Wonderful has used household items to create a fun, pinball-esque maze – you could let each child craft their own maze, then have a competition to see whose is the most difficult.
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Make a car wash
Like any car, your children’s toy cars need regular washing to keep them looking shiny and new, which is why we love this craft idea by Frugal Fun 4 Boys. All you need are some pieces of dowel, felt, scissors, plastic, and your shoebox. After you’re done, why not turn another shoebox into a carpark?
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Make a pizza oven
If you ask us, no restaurant is complete without a pizza oven. This craft combines shoebox craft with felt creations to create something your children will play with time and time again. Why not invest in some Velcro so that your children can ‘top’ their felt pizzas with whichever felt ingredients they like?
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Make a foosball table
You don’t need to visit a dive bar or an arcade to play a game of foosball – this craft by The Cards We Draw is the next best thing! Using pegs, some straws plus some paint, and googly eyes for added decoration, you can turn your shoebox into a fun game.
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Make a swing
No, not a swing for your children. Rather, a swing for their favourite doll or a paper person they craft themselves! It won’t only make for a fun afternoon craft session but could also become a beautiful addition to their bedroom or playroom.
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Make a dollhouse
Creating cardboard dollhouses offers endless fun – your child will start with just one and, before you know it, have built a whole street or even town for their dolls! To get them started, give this post by Mama Papa Bubba a read.
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