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10 things to make with wool

22 May, 2020

10 crafts to try with wool

Everyone loves a good craft activity – especially when you can do a whopping TEN using the same common item. Kids wool crafts are an easy way to help your children grow their fine motor skills, express their creativity and let their imaginations run wild. Here are our ten favourite crafts to make with wool to keep the little ones entertained on weekends, holidays or even after school.



This fun twist on the ‘God’s Eye’ weaving craft involves three sticks rather than two and ends up looking like a cute baby turtle. Draw eyes, a mouth and feet, and get creative with colours to build your very own nest of baby turtles.

The best bit? All you need to complete this wool craft are paddle-pop sticks, coloured pens and wool!

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These DIY friendship wool bracelets are the perfect activity for when your children are away from their friends. Whether they want to make them for their classmates or post them to their BFFs, your children will have a blast making these special gifts.

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Bang on trend and screaming summer, these easy-to-make wool bag tassels are the ultimate accessory! Whether they help you mark your luggage, your child’s bag or add a touch of flair to your favourite purse, you’ll love getting creative making these bad boys. Or, add sticky eyes to them to make them monsters!

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We love a wool craft that involves natural materials, so this idea is right up our alley. All you need to do is collect a handful of twigs, some colourful wool and get wrapping! Add beads or a funky pattern if you like to take your wool crafting to the next level.

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Knowing how to make the perfect wool pom pom is key for any crafter, and this guide makes it super easy. Once you master the skill, you can add them to clothing, cushions and everything in between. Your children will love showing off their creative designs on their backpacks for childcare or preschool!

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A fun wool craft activity that doubles as beautiful home décor? We’re sold. Why pay for one of these pieces of woven wall art when you can make it yourself? All you’ll need is a stick, some coloured wool and some other household items.

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This might just be the cutest wool craft idea on this list. Yarn dolls make for the perfect activity for little ones because they can play with them long after they’ve finished crafting them – and, they make a gorgeous gift.

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You don’t need a loom to make a beautiful woven artwork – this guide shows you how to make them using a basic paper plate! This straightforward wool craft activity is perfect for little and big fingers and offers ample opportunity to get creative.

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These aren’t your average finger knit snakes. Using the experimental technique as demonstrated in this handy guide, you can make realistic wool snakes with clearly defined heads and two-toned bodies. Fancy!

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When it comes to bespoke décor for your children’s bedrooms, you can’t go past these woollen letters. Choose your child’s favourite colours and make them a special gift, or let them take the reins for a more sentimental piece of art.

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We can’t wait to see all the wonderful things your child makes with wool on our social media accounts! If you try one of these amazing wool craft activities, be sure to tag us @edgeearlylearning.


Wool Craft FAQs

What can I make with wool for kids?

There are so many things you can make with wool that can quickly turn into an afternoon or morning of fun and entertainment for your children. Our favourite things to make with wool include wool string turtles, woven wall art, wool pom poms and more.

Want to know how to re-create these DIYS? Read our article above which details the exact items and steps for completing these simple crafts!


What is the easiest yarn craft?

An easy yarn craft to make with your children is yarn-wrapped initials. An adorable wool craft idea to add to their backpacks for school or childcare, simply cut out their initials with cardboard and wrap coloured wool around it to complete the craft! Puncture the cardboard with a small hole to add a keychain and add it to backpacks, pencil cases, keychains and more.

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