Why dental health for kids matters

06 September, 2022

dental health
We know it’s important to teach our children good dental health habits, but why? Here, we break down the many reasons dental for kids is important – from nutrition to their growth and development – and provide tips for achieving good dental health.


Dental health is about more than a bright, white smile – especially when it comes to children. Did you know that tooth decay among children is on the rise in Australia? On average, children aged five to 10 have one and a half baby teeth that are decayed, missing or filled.

Poor dental health can negatively impact your child’s general wellbeing, growth and development, which is why it’s so important to set good habits from an early age.


Dental Care for Babies

From the moment they grow their first teeth, it is important to establish good dental hygiene habits for your children. It is a good idea to brush your infant’s teeth twice a day. Brushing baby teeth calls for care and attention, so be sure to use a soft toothbrush and water and wipe their teeth with a soft cloth. From the time they are 18 months, introduce a suitable fluoride toothpaste to strengthen their teeth and minimise the chance of rotting.


Dental Care for Toddlers

You can start teaching your children responsibility for their dental health when they are toddlers. It is a good idea to help them brush their teeth twice daily – after eating in the morning and before bed. Show them how to use small circular motions and, if they are aged two or older, let them hold the brush with you. For kids brushing teeth can feel like a chore, so try to make it a fun part of their daily routine. You could try singing a song or choosing a toothbrush with their favourite character. You can also start to introduce other healthy oral hygiene habits at this age like flossing and replacing their toothbrush every three months.


How to Avoid Tooth Decay for Your Children

Childhood tooth decay is the result of sugary food and drinks. The bacteria in their mouth produces acid as it breaks down this sugar, which in turn damages their tooth enamel and eventually forms holes. It is important that you detect rotten teeth at an early stage to stop it from getting worse. If they have rotten teeth kids won’t necessarily complain, so if your child has any sign of tooth decay, see a dentist.


Of course, prevention is the best course of action. These are the best ways to avoid tooth decay for your children:


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