Use Storypark to see what your child is enjoying at Edge Early Learning

11 October, 2023

Are you curious about what your child gets up to during the day when they’re at Edge? Log in to the Storypark app and we’ll show you what’s piquing their interest right now.


What is Storypark?

At Edge Early Learning, we value good relationships and strong communication to ensure the best outcomes for each child. That’s why we use a dedicated, secure, private, online platform – Storypark – to make it easy and convenient for educators and parents to share information and communicate with each other about their child.


How does Storypark work?

Storypark offers parents and educators a variety of useful communications tools:

  • Stories. Both parents and educators can create “stories” to share about their child. Using easy-to-follow steps, stories may include photos, videos or written messages or a combination. Where appropriate, educators can create stories about a group of children to share with all their families – perhaps showing the children singing a song they’ve just learnt or how they have worked together to solve a problem. Alternatively, a story may be about your individual child and shared only with you. Stories may include examples of your child’s paintings or other creations or it may be a note about a milestone or new achievement. Parents can choose to invite grandparents or extended family to also view stories. Parents may also choose to invite their child’s medical specialist/s to view their child’s stories.
  • Conversations. Parents and educators can use the Storypark “conversations” function to send private messages and have a conversation about a child.
  • Child notes. These are also private between a child’s parents and their educators. They are used for planning or reporting, where educators may share goals for a child and link relevant stories to show the progression of that goal.


What are the benefits of using Storypark?

Storypark is a really convenient way for families to see what their child is engaged in while they’re at Edge Early Learning. It gives you direct insight into your child’s developing interests, needs and abilities so you can support them or further build on them at home. It’s also a lovely way to share snippets of your child’s day with grandparents or close family and friends. Storypark is a great way to facilitate communication outside of drop-off and pick-up times.


How to use Storypark?

Parents receive an email invitation to set up a Storypark account. Then just follow the instructions provided and you’ll be ready to communicate. It’s quick and easy!


How can I access Storypark?

Parents can download the Storypark app for Apple or Android or simply access it online via the Storypark website.


Edge Early Leaning’s Approach

Storypark is available at all of our Edge Early Learning Centres. Our Educators post daily updates from the children’s day to ensure families are kept up-to-date with their child’s learning.

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