Top 10 educational apps for toddlers

02 April, 2020

10 educational apps for toddlers

Who says your toddler has to wait until preschool to start learning? With these 10 educational apps, perfect for your little one, you no longer have to feel guilty about handing over the iPad when you need a moment of peace and quiet.


Farm 123 – Learn to count!, $4.99 (lite version available)

Help farmer Jo around the farm in this magical pop-up book game. Professionally designed with toddlers and pre-schoolers in mind, Farm 123 pays special attention to learning reinforcement through gently progressive games that help your child cement their grasp of the numbers 1 to 10 and the core concept of sorting.


Happy Valley Friends: Letters, Numbers and Shapes, $4.49

Meet new friends while playing 18 different educational games and 6 unique mini games. Learn letters, shapes, numbers, maths, time and more in a friendly environment.  


Metamorphabet, $7.99

This playful apps, interactive alphabet delights players of all ages with responsive, toy-like design and beautiful animations. It features a diverse vocabulary and with surreal imagery that inspire a sense of wonder and encourage creative thinking.


Endless Numbers, free

Endless Numbers sets the stage for learning numeracy, offering gamified learning activities that ensure your child will have a blast while learning about sequences, quantity, numerical patterns, number recognition and simple addition.


Endless Reader, free

This one is made by the same developers as Endless Numbers – and they have plenty of other great apps in their “Endless” collection, too! By focusing on simple sight words, this app uses funny animations to introduce your child to new words that are often difficult to explain, but need to be recognized by sight if your child is to achieve reading fluency.


Domi Domi Listen and Guess, $4.49 (lite version available)

With Domi Domi, your child will learn to recognise animals and objects by the characteristic sounds they make – learning new words and beginning to associate pictures with their names and sounds in the process!


The Going to Bed Book, $4.49

This app brings to life Sandra Boynton’s bedtime board book of the same name. With all of the magic and appeal of a traditional pop-up book, offering lively interactivity and thoroughly mesmerizing and delightful discovery, this app is far beyond any e-book experience.


Tongo Music, $4.49

Allow your kids to discover the wonderful world of music through this lovingly designed app. It offers 20 minutes of carefully selected audio samples from classical music’s greatest masterpieces, coupled with delightful illustrations you and your child will love.


Sago Mini Music Box, $5.99

Play a song for your furry friends while you go on musical adventures! This “touch anywhere” app is perfect for toddlers, as every tap fills the world with art and music, and includes three familiar tunes in fantastic and hilarious settings.


Artie’s Magic Pencil, $4.49

Save the day from the destructive monster on the loose, then help Artie to rebuild his world using a very special magic pencil. Learn the fundamentals of drawing by creating a world made of simple shapes, and get creative to see Artie’s home come back to life.


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