Top 10 educational apps for pre-schoolers

02 April, 2020

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Whether your child is wasting too much time on their iPad, or you just want to squeeze in a bit of extra learning outside of their school hours, there are way more than 10 reasons to give the apps on this list a try.


Elastic Alphabets, $5.99

Gigi will guide your children on this adventure through the alphabet and perform different actions every time your child taps on a word or letter. With animations, sounds and visuals, Elastic Alphabets is a comprehensive teaching app made fun!


EduGuru Maths Games Age 3-5, $3.99

Designed to help children learn outside of the classroom, EduGuru makes learning an open-ended, fun activity! It offers a balance of teaching and instruction, with cute animations to help develop their basic maths skills.


One Giggly Gorilla, $4.49

Your child must help the gorillas get to the top of the tree one-by-one, catapulting each gorilla up to the branch above by listening to and learning to follow the instructions in the narration. Your child will learn to recognise colours and numbers, and use simple logic to help the gorillas on their way.


LetterSchool – Cursive Letters, $10.99

Discover the magical world of cursive letters with this handwriting app for children! Watch your pre-schooler evolve with this fun, intuitive and educational game, which comes complete with three exciting game modes for all letters in the alphabet and the numbers one to 10.


Fiete Math, $4.99 (lite version available)

This app makes counting fun and easy to understand, offering touchable objects that your child can group, combine and cut up. Watch as your child discovers the links between amounts of numbers and develops their confidence when dealing with them.


Weather by Tinybop, $4.49

The app for tiny scientists, Weather by Tinybop explores the science of storms and allows children to discover the signs that tell you what it will be like outside today. Dive into a cloud to see what it’s made from, make it rain, snow or storm, and play with sun, air, water, temperature, wind and so much more.


Cricket Kids: Opposites, $1.99

Allow your child to grasp the concept of opposites with this creative learning app, that challenges kids to figure out the relationship between two possibilities – for example, making the screen clean or dirty, breaking or repairing a robot and lighting a candle or blowing it out.


Writing Wizard, free

This app is designed to help every child learn by tracing numbers, letters and words through a fun system. Carefully designed to maintain motivation, your child will quickly learn how to trace letters and numbers correctly in a number of different fonts.


Highlights Monster Day, free

Help your little one learn about friendship, explore the world around them and develop compassion, kindness and independence – all from a monster! Your kids will understand lessons about daily routines, gain confidence in their decisions, explore their creativity and curiosity and loads more.


Comomola Fireflies, $4.49

This app makes bedtime less scary for kids and less frustrating for parents, helping to calm the nerves through relaxing imagery and quiet interactivity. It’s a great bed-time ritual, and the whole family can get in on the fun!

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