Pancakes with a twist

22 February, 2023

With Pancake Day (otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday) taking place on February 21 this year, you’re no doubt been flooded with pancake recipes in magazines, online and on TV. If they’re all starting to blur into one, try these pancakes with a twist instead.


Banana pancakes

There’s nothing quite like a stack of banana pancakes on a weekend morning, is there? An ideal way to use up your leftover bananas – especially if they’re getting a bit too ripe – banana pancakes can also make delicious additions to your children’s lunch. You can substitute different flours, sweeteners and toppings to make them healthier too, all without compromising on taste.

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Pink pancakes

With Valentine’s Day just a week before Shrove Tuesday, why not celebrate both occasions at once with these pink pancakes? You could take it a step further and cut them into a heart shape once cooked, or use a heart-shaped mould in your pan. If you’d like to add them to your children’s lunch box, make up your pancake mix the night before or get up early with your little helpers and whip up the ultimate Valentine’s Day brekkie.

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Kombucha pancakes

We know what you’re thinking and yes, kombucha actually tastes delicious in pancakes. These ones by Hannah from Healthy Luxe feature fun ingredients like turmeric, orange, lemon juice, avocadoes and matcha, and offer something for lovers of both sweet and savoury breakfasts – especially topped off with her healthy chocolate tahini sauce.

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Peanut butter pancakes

Fans of peanut butter – and peanuts in general – will just love this pancake recipe. It’s sweet, salty and deliciously fluffy, with one can of evaporated milk and a cup of pancake mix, plus the usual suspects like egg, sugar and butter. Top with more peanut butter, chopped nuts, Nutella, maple syrup… you name it.

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Vegemite pancakes

Yet another weird but wonderful pancake ingredient you just have to try: Vegemite. You melt it into the butter to create an extra salty kick of flavour and can even top off your pancakes with Australia’s favourite spread when they’re cooked, too. Serve as is or add avocado, tomatoes and feta for a savoury breakfast like no other.

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