Mangoes, 10 ways

10 January, 2023

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Say farewell to summer the best way we know how – with some delicious mango. Use up the last of this season’s supply with one of these ten delicious recipes, all featuring Australia’s favourite fruit.


Barbecue mango mojito cheeks

Celebrate the end of summer and fire up the barbecue for these tasty mango mojito cheeks. We shared this recipe at the start of 2021 and they’ve been in our backyard barbecue rotation ever since. Don’t miss the prawn, mango and fennel salad or the Thai chicken salad with pickled lemongrass mango salad either.

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Banana, mango and coconut ice blocks

Is there a more warm-weather-appropriate flavour combo than banana, mango and coconut? We think not. We love that they’re made with coconut milk so they’re nice and filling, and love it even more that they take just five minutes to prepare. While we think the ingredients are perfect as is, you could substitute your favourite tropical fruits to mix things up each time you try the recipe.

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Healthy mango lassi

Nutritionist and recipe maker Georgia Harding of ‘Well Nourished’ offers up her take on a traditional Indian Lassi. It’s both nourishing and delicious, making for the perfect breakfast or after-dinner treat. Check out the variations to make it into a chia pudding or ice-blocks.

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Dried mango

Ditch the beloved supermarket snack for this healthier, homemade version instead. All you’ll need are two mangoes and five minutes to prep – then, you pop the slices into the oven on a low heat for 11 hours. The waiting is really the hardest bit! But, the results are more than worth it. You’ll have a delicious snack or lunch box filler that your children will love.

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No-bake mango and coconut slice

We just love a no-bake recipe – especially when it’s as delicious as this mango and coconut slice. Not only are these kinds of recipes super easy to make, they’re also safe enough for your kids to help out. No heat, no risk of burns. Just chop up the ingredients ahead of time and they can help you mix everything together.

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Mango chutney

There are so many ways to use this tasty mango chutney – put it on sandwiches, sausages or crackers. You’ll love it! It’s also a great way to use up that tray of mangoes that you’ll no doubt pick up the next time you’re at the market.

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Vanilla mango muffins

The perfect summer breakfast or ‘bring a plate’ idea for your next daytime get-together, these vanilla mango muffins are sure to become a firm family favourite. They’re packed with mango purée to make them light and fluffy (not to mention delicious).

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Mango chicken curry

Healthy and tasty, this mango chicken curry is perfect for early dinners under the summer sun. It’s sweet so your children should love it, and you’ll love how easy it is to whip up. You can even freeze it for a delicious, easy meal when you’re in a pinch at dinnertime or need a quick lunch box fix.

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Sticky mango prawns

Nothing says summer quite like prawns, and these sticky mango ones by Jamie Oliver are some of the best. The thinly sliced garlic adds tonnes of extra flavour, as does the lime you squeeze over it before serving. You can even serve it with the mango chutney recipe above.

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We had to finish with a delicious dessert, didn’t we?! This mangomisu – a tiramisu made with, you guessed it, mango – will go down an absolute treat at your next dinner party or lunch. The vanilla bean and mascarpone make it deliciously creamy, while the orange juice adds a refreshing zing.

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