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How to enjoy flying and travelling with toddlers

17 January, 2024

How to enjoy flying and travelling with toddlers
Whether you’re visiting family overseas or just “want adventure in the great wide somewhere”- like Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – plan your trip with your children front-of-mind and it should be smooth sailing.

Travel can be a valuable experience for children, sharing new experiences with their family and exploring the world around them. But actually getting from A to B can be a bit more difficult with a toddler (or two!) in tow.

Tips for travelling with toddlers

Arrange an early departure: When you’re flying with kids, choose an early flight to avoid peak hour traffic and queues at the airport. Plus, with any luck, the kids will be too tired to be extra energetic or cause a fuss! 

Dress with layers:
When you’re travelling, the temperature can quickly change when moving from the plane to the airport or from the car to the hotel. Be sure to pack layers to keep your child comfortable.

Keep clean:
Be sure to bring sanitiser, extra nappies, wipes and extra sets of clothes when flying with a toddler. Wipe down your seat, tray tables and armrests to reduce the risk of germs.  

Bring entertainment:
With airport layovers and long-haul flights, there is often a lot of waiting around. Make travelling with toddlers easier by entertaining them with stickers, games, books and devices preloaded with movies. 

Sit off the aisle:
When flying with kids, be sure to position your children on the inside seats as aisle seating can result in bumps as people or carts go by.  

Prepare for air pressure changes:
Bring a eucalyptus nasal inhaler and ensure everyone drinks water before take-off and landing to help their ears adjust to changes in air pressure.  

Pack snacks:
There’s few things worse than a hungry toddler! Be sure to pack plenty of muesli bars, fun snacks and healthy treats when travelling with a toddler to avoid having to find shops with toddler-friendly food.

Funky suitcase:
Help your children feel involved as little travellers, by giving them responsibility for their own rolling suitcase they can pull along. You can even buy suitcases kids that can double as a rolling seat when they need a rest!

Packing essentials for travelling with toddlers

  • Blanket, toy or comfort item from home
  • Water bottles and lots of snacks 
  • Sanitiser, wipes, pull-ups/nappies and plastic bags for nappy disposal
  • Wipe-down changing mat 
  • First aid kit 
  • Fold-up and portable pram 
  • Spare change of clothes 
  • Electronic devices 
  • Kids headphones 
  • Activity pack with games, stickers, colouring in and more.  

Support at Edge Early Learning 

At Edge Early Learning, we’re committed to supporting children on their early learning journey. If your child is anxious about a coming trip, please talk to our educators. We may be able to incorporate discussion, or role play about holidays into your child’s day to help them feel more comfortable. 

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