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All the contraptions so you can cycle with small children

23 May, 2024

Edge Early Learning Centre Director drawing with child
Riding bikes as a family can be a wonderful way to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and new places to explore. Fortunately, innovative solutions such as seats, racks, and cargo boxes have been developed, allowing everyone to join in on the fun safely.
Let’s explore the best options for your family:


Back-seat driver

The good old child seat on your pushbike’s back luggage rack has had a makeover. Now you can get flash bike seats that look more like children’s car seats, complete with comfy padding and five-point safety harnesses. There’s also simpler padded cushions for older children. Backrests, safety rails and personal handlebars are optional.


Sitting up front

Popping children up front holds a lot of appeal. You can attach an extra bike seat, just like yours, to the crossbar (although it won’t work on a ladies-style bike) and your child sits snug between your arms, easy to keep an eye on and with the added benefit of being able to chat to as you ride along, pointing out interesting sights. You can also attach an extra set of handlebars for them to hang onto. Younger children can ride in the same spot in the flash five-point harness seats. An interesting-looking alternative is the Ibert Safe-T-Seat, which attaches to the handlebars and has leg holders to slot children’s legs into to keep them from dangling too close to the front wheel.


Bike-drawn carriage

Children roll like royalty in trailer carriages. Fitted with backrests and five-point harnesses, they can fit two small children comfortably, along with snacks and colouring books and pencils! They have a mesh covering so you can zip them right in – and some styles even convert to prams!


Tow your kid’s bike

Nifty contraptions such as Trail-Gator and Trail Angel act like a tow bar between your bike and your child’s, hooking them together as you both ride along. You do all the steering, balancing and braking while you both pedal.


Family cargo bike

Tribe Bikes offers a bike with a cargo box built onto the front that can carry four children. It’s fitted with two bench seats and four three-point seatbelts. The children ride two facing forward and two facing backward, so they face each other, making it quite social. The front seat also folds away, so you can opt to carry other gear instead of children. With that much cargo, it’s a good thing this is an electric bike!

Note: Edge Early Learning does not endorse any particular style or brand of bicycle, seat or other contraption. We encourage you to do your own research.

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