How to boost your mood

15 February, 2022

No matter how the pandemic has impacted you, these last two years have been tough for everyone. It’s never been more important to look out for yourself and your family – when you look around, there really is a lot to celebrate. Here are a few ways to boost your mood and, in turn, boost the positivity in your family.

Get active

It’s a well-known fact that exercise makes you happier – Elle Woods says it herself in ‘Legally Blonde’. Getting active produces endorphins; the chemicals react with the receptors in your brain and not only make you feel more positive, but also reduce your perception of pain.

Studies have shown that you don’t even need to exercise that much to reap the benefits – only a slight amount of exercise, as little as 10 minutes a day, can influence your happiness.

Of course, beyond the physiological benefits of exercise, there are also the social and health ones. Why not meet up with a friend for a morning walk and a coffee, join a new fitness class or even get your children involved in a home workout or bike ride?


Be social

We really do get by with a little help from our friends, don’t we? Beyond being someone to share a laugh with or offering a shoulder to cry on, interacting with a friend can deliver a whole host of health benefits, too.

Socialisation is said to improve your emotional and mental health, decrease depression, increase your quality of life, reduce your blood pressure, reduce your risk of illnesses like Alzheimer’s and even boost your immunity – yes, really!

At Edge, we understand how important friendship is – we see new friendships form every day. If you’re feeling low, reach out to the people in your network or take steps to make your network even bigger.

Why not start by simply calling a close friend for a chat? You’ll feel your spirits lift in no time at all.


Take care of yourself

Sometimes, to feel good, you need to work from the outside in.

It sounds silly, but a recent study into the effects of make-up on the moods and walking ability of elderly women found that a simple cosmetic procedure could make a huge difference. Imagine that! Just by changing their physical appearance, the women in the study reported improvements in their walking capacity, mood, stress and even immunity.

We can’t imagine a better demonstration of the power of a little self-care.

Life is busy (especially with children) but carving out time for yourself shouldn’t fall to the wayside. Run a luxurious bubble bath, give yourself some time to do your hair or even go shopping for a new outfit – you’ll be amazed at the results!

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