Five reasons your children should swim through winter

13 May, 2021

Little Boy Learning to Swim
Getting your child into the pool for their swimming lessons can be a challenge even in the warmer months, but there are plenty of reasons you should persevere with lessons during winter. Here are just five of them.

It will keep them safe

There are plenty of reasons to ensure your children are strong swimmers, but by far the most important is guaranteeing their safety around water – especially here in Australia, where spending time by the pool or ocean is such a huge part of our lifestyle. Having your children keep up with their swimming lessons all year round is the best way that you can help them become water safe.

It helps them continue learning

If your children took six months off school every year, you wouldn’t expect them to be able to remember everything they need to know when they head back to their classroom. Swimming lessons are exactly the same. Your children will be much more likely to retain and build upon the lessons they learn in swimming class if they are able to continue those lessons throughout the year.

It keeps them fit

Promising cardiovascular, strength and even postural benefits, swimming is a great way for people of all ages to stay fit. And while it may not feel pleasant, swimming in cold water can actually deliver even more benefits – it releases endorphins and reduce stress, while also improving circulation and even immunity.

It boosts their confidence

Picture this: your child joins their first swimming lesson of the summer. The instructor asks a simple question, and your child’s hand is the only one that shoots up. Why? They’re the only student who kept swimming all winter long. Confidence? Boosted. Your child will head into their summer swimming lessons feeling assured of their swimming skills, putting them in great stead for a lifetime of confident swimming.

 It builds perseverance

If nothing else, swimming through winter teaches your child that sometimes, they will need to do things they don’t want to do. Getting out of their warm, cosy bed to jump into a pool is probably the last thing that they want to do, but they will learn how important it is to honour their commitments and do the right thing. Just be sure to reward their efforts with a toasty breakfast or hot chocolate after each class.

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