Educational games for under-fives

23 July, 2020

educational games for kids

Give your little one a head start with their learning and have some family fun at the same time – these games are equal parts entertaining and educational!



This fun, functional card game helps children master phonics to build a great foundation for literacy. It includes three decks featuring over 200 cards, all of which cover sound/letter correspondences to help them improve their reading. It’s been developed by teachers and phonics experts and is easy to play with two players or more – perfect for your next whole-family games night!

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Perfect for ages three to five, the Little Genius Starter Kit delivers an holistic approach to early learning. Embark on four hands-on games, all designed to engage pre-schoolers in core subjects like early literacy, language and communication, understanding of the world and even social-emotional and fine motor skills. Let them work their way through games like ‘ABCs,’ ‘Squiggle Magic,’ ‘Costume Party’ and ‘Stories’ on their iPad or Amazon Fire.

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Designed to teach your children how to use ‘think and reason’ approaches when faced with challenges, this game by Skillmatics focuses on logic and problem-solving skills – with a heavy dose of fun, of course! Suitable for all ages with content that promises to engage both you and your child, the game comes complete with 12 repeatable activities, six double-sided activity mats, an achievement certificate and more. Put simply, this is so much more than a board game.

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This parenting guide delivers hundreds of fun and practical games to educate your toddler’s natural curiosity, with an added focus on cultivating good habits and routines – think entertaining ways to brush your teeth, toilet train and deal with siblings. Based on the principles developed by Dr Maria Montessori, this guide in particular will help you create Montessori activities that are tailored to your one-to-three-year-old and raise an inquisitive learner in the process.

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A game that makes maths fun? We’re sold! Just one of the countless great games by Orchard Toys, Counting Mountain teaches children how to add and count using a 3D mountain and moveable climbers. Each player will take turns to flip over two footprint cards and count the yeti footprints on each card, before moving their climber up the mountain the same number of spaces – but, be careful of yetis! Your whole family will love this three-dimensional take on a classic board game.

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