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Easter crafts to try these holidays

03 April, 2020

Easter crafts try these holidays

Easter time is almost here, and there is no better way to get into the spirit than with some fun craft activities to do at home. Here are a few of our favourites


Pasta Easter eggs

Can you even enter adulthood without having done a craft activity involving some kind of uncooked pasta? These pretty Easter egg artworks use a variety of pasta types, acrylic paint and an old cereal box (or a similar kind of cardboard). They can be done with as much or as little adult supervision as appropriate. Simply glue the pasta pieces to an egg cut-out, and paint away! They’re perfect to use as Easter cards or decorations on your children’s Easter egg basket.

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Salt paint Easter eggs

We know what you’re thinking: what on Earth is salt paint? It’s only the coolest textured paint around, and you can craft it out of two totally run-of-the-mill household items: Elmer’s glue and (you guessed it) table salt. Draw an egg or any other Easter shape on a piece of paper, then trace with glue, sprinkle very generously with salt and gently shake off any excess. When dry, paint with liquid watercolour paint.

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Spare sock bunnies

Finally, the solution to all of those mismatched socks! These spare sock bunnies are so easy to make. All you need are some rubber bands, some uncooked rice, a ribbon, black marker pen and, of course, your socks! Pour the rice into one sock, tie the top closed with a rubber band, then take a second rubber band and tie it around the middle to create the head and body. Take a third rubber band to create the tail, chop the ears out of the excess sock and use your marker to draw bunny eyes, nose and mouth. Add ribbon for extra flair!

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Yarn squiggle Easter egg artwork

This 3D Easter egg artwork is fun and experimental – your children won’t want to stop at just one! All you need to do is cover a few strings of yarn in PVA glue and gently lower one at a time onto your egg cut-out (the bigger the cut-out, the better!), trying to create squiggles as you go. When you are satisfied with the pattern, leave it to dry before filling the gaps with coloured paint or crayon.

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Easter cards

Need to do some jobs while your children craft? This is a great activity to set them up with. Pre-fold some pieces of A4 paper in half, and have your children paint several yellow splotches across the front. Then, when you’re ready, you can glue your ready-made half-eggshells onto the splotches, and colour in the chicken eyes and legs with a marker. You can even glue on small pieces of yellow paper as tiny beaks.

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