Bread, 10 ways

11 February, 2021

Girl eating bread

Bread is central to the evolution of human societies – in fact, the discovery of one 14,000-year-old piece of bread rewrote our understanding of human history. We think it’s one food that’s worth celebrating, so we’ve gathered 10 of the best bread-focus recipes just for you.


Cheesy garlic bread

If you’re looking for an easy yet delicious recipe for cheesy garlic bread, you’ll find it on Yellow Bliss Road. It’s the perfect side dish for your next family barbeque or indulgent weekend treat.


Cajun bread breakfast cups

Bread cups are a breakfast staple, and for good reason – if you haven’t yet discovered the versatility, convenience and nutritional benefits of egg cups, this recipe is the perfect place to start!


Bread and butter pudding

Seriously, nothing beats a bread-and-butter pudding when it comes to winter desserts – or, when you’re trying to think of a way to use stale bread! This recipe by Fantabulosity is one of our go-tos.


Cheese and bacon bread rolls

You don’t need to visit your local bakery to get the cheese, bacony goodness of one of their classic bread rolls – this recipe by Kidgredients is just like the real deal! Once you’ve mastered the basics, why not get creative with different toppings?


French toast

Some people prefer waffles over pancakes, but it’s safe to say that just about everyone can agree on the amazing-ness of French toast. We like this recipe by ‘Will Cook For Smiles’.



Jaffles, toasted sandwiches… whatever you call them, you’ll find inspiration in this list of over 40 jaffle fillings by Stay at Home Mum! Perfect for lazy weekends, busy weeknights and everything in between.


Chip butty

A chip butty (chips in bread, for those not in the know) hardly calls for a specific recipe, which is why we’re pointing you in the direction of this Indian-style take on the English classic by Jamie Oliver instead.


Banana bread

Beloved for its ability to use up browning bananas and its ability to entertain anyone in the depths of a COVID lockdown, it’s safe to say that 2020 was the year of banana bread. This is one recipe we tried time and time again.


Loaded toast

Why have boring toast when you can have *loaded toast*?! Sweet, savoury, breakfast, lunch or dinner, loaded toast is a great way to spice up one of the most boring meals. This blog post shares 12 topping ideas that take less than two minutes.


Cob loaf

If 2020 was the year of banana bread, 2019 was certainly the year of the cob loaf – and for good reason! Who could possibly say no to a hollowed-out loaf of bread pooling with hot dip and surrounded by crusty croutons? Not us!

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