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An easy Tooth Fairy letter

07 August, 2023

Losing a tooth is an exciting milestone. It shows kids are growing up. But a wiggly tooth can also be a little scary and make kids wary about chewing with that part of their mouth. Enlisting the help of the Tooth Fairy can be a great way to distract children from their fears and make losing a tooth an event to look forward to.


What is the Tooth Fairy?

The story of the Tooth Fairy first originated in America back in 1908 and it’s become a tradition for children in Australia to tuck their lost tooth under their pillows for the Tooth Fairy to collect overnight, leaving a coin in its place. You may like to add to the coin with a Tooth Fairy letter.


What to include in a Tooth Fairy letter

Perhaps introduce the Tooth Fairy with a cute fairy name or create a back story for her/him. Perhaps there’s a whole team of Tooth Fairies covering different routes or collecting teeth for different purposes – which helps explain why sometimes the Tooth Fairy leaves cash notes instead of coins and some always visit a day late!

A note from the Tooth Fairy is an opportunity to get some high-level, magical backup on your calls for your child to brush their teeth, floss and steer away from too many sweets!

You could personalise the Tooth Fairy letter with details about your child, such as mentioning the way they lost their tooth or the colour of their toothbrush. Remember, there are 20 teeth for each of your children to lose, so keep things manageable. You may not want to write a letter for every tooth. It’s also a good idea to keep a record of all Tooth Fairy correspondence to ensure a consistent story!


Tooth Fairy FAQs

Children are curious about the Tooth Fairy and will be sure to have questions. You can choose to be vague and non-committal with your note from the Tooth Fairy or have a bit of fun answering the questions. Here are some of the common questions kids ask for you to ponder:

  • Why does the Tooth Fairy take teeth and what does she do with them?
  • How many tooth fairies are there?
  • How old is the Tooth Fairy?
  • Where does the Tooth Fairy live?
  • How does the Tooth Fairy know where to visit?
  • What does the Tooth Fairy look like?


 Tooth Fairy letter suggestions

You may like to handwrite a letter or print one in a tiny-sized font. Here are some suggestions to help get you started. Just copy, paste and personalise!

  • First tooth: Congratulations on losing your very first tooth! This is a really special occasion and shows that you are growing up. It must have been a surprise for you that it came out when… (you were eating an apple/wiggling it etc)
  • To encourage good hygiene: Thank you so much for your lovely tooth. I am pleased to let you know it will be taken to our headquarters, where it will be inspected, sorted and put to good use by the fairies. The strongest, healthiest teeth are highly valued, so I encourage you to brush yours twice a day and floss as well.
  • When the Tooth Fairy forgets: I am so sorry I did not collect your tooth earlier. When I flew in, I was frightened by your dog/cat OR I noticed your mum/dad was working in the loungeroom and I didn’t want them to see me OR the weather was too rainy/windy for flying…
  • When there’s no tooth to collect: Please don’t worry – it’s quite common for children to accidentally swallow their tooth if it falls out while they’re eating. I know you took really good care of your tooth and I’m happy to leave this coin for you.
  • Signing off your Tooth Fairy letter: Have a bit of fun and sign off with something magical like “sparkles and fairy dust” and a fun fairy name like Tulip Twinkle or Gardenia Glimmer.


Supporting growth and change at Edge Early Learning

Most children love showing off their wiggly teeth, so our educators will often know when a child is soon going to lose a tooth. You’re also very welcome to tell us, especially if your child is concerned, so we can support them during the day. If a tooth falls out while your child is at Edge Early Learning, we’ll be sure to make an appropriate fuss of them and wrap their tooth up safely to send home at the end of the day.

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