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Afternoon Tea Ideas for Kids

09 June, 2022

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It’s 3.30pm. Mum’s taxi has parked up – be it at home or an extracurricular activity – and your children are ‘STAAARRRRVVVINNNNGGG!’. What’s a parent to do? Serve up one of these exciting (yet super easy) afternoon tea ideas for kids, that’s what.

Adding excitement into the after-school routine can be tough. So often, the focus is on corralling children, keeping track of their belongings and rushing to make it to the next activity or appointment on time.

Even if you’re heading straight home after school, the blur of homework, dinner preparation and household chores means kids’ afternoon tea ideas are often low on the priorities list. A bit of fruit and some biscuits will suffice, won’t it?

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to. With a bit of inspiration (just scroll on) and some preparation, you and your family can take back afternoon tea. Keep this list of go-to recipes on hand and have fun creating them together with your children.



They’re classic for a reason. Sandwiches are one of the simplest meals to make – especially with young children who are only just getting to grips with basic cooking skills. Invest in a child-safe knife and have them help you slice up toppings like cheese, meat and veggies, or slather on sauces and dressings. Why not make it a buffet-style affair and prepare all the fillings ahead of time, so that your children can build their own afternoon tea?




Who says you need to reserve scones for a high tea? We think scones are one of the best DIY kids’ afternoon tea ideas – they’re super simple, easy to make and delicious whether they’re sweet or savoury. An English-turned-Aussie classic that your children can help make. Add some savoury ingredients like cheese, bacon, onion or veggies, or keep things sweet with a plain scone topped with jam and cream. There’s nothing better!



Sausage Rolls

This bakery favourite can easily be made at home with a little bit of time and some flaky pastry (store-bought is fine!). Perfect for meat eaters and vegetarians alike, sausage rolls and their many variants are delicious on cold afternoons. Bake them fresh when you get home or put a few in an insulated food jar to warm your children up after swimming lessons. When it comes to kids afternoon tea party food ideas, sausage rolls take pride of place.



Banana Bread

Last but certainly not least: banana bread. You didn’t think we’d leave this beloved sweet treat off the list, did you?! Perfect both before and after school, banana bread is much easier to bake than bread itself (probably because it’s cake and not really ‘bread’ at all). You can also add plenty of twists to the classic recipe, swapping in fruits and flavours of your children’s choice to keep it interesting time and time again.


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