Active Early Learning Curriculum

Physical Literacy

Healthier, Fitter and Smarter Children

Edge Early Learning in partnership with the Australian College of Physical Literacy (ACPL) have implemented the Active Early Learning (AEL) Curriculum in our centres to support Healthier, Fitter & Smarter children.

Physical literacy is about so much more than ‘being active’ and ‘fit’.  A physically literate child has the movement skills, motivation, and confidence to seek out and enjoy a physically active lifestyle now and in the future.

The AEL Curriculum was informed by the Active Early Learning Study, a two-year research partnership with University of Canberra, Deakin University and ACPL. The study explored the core movement skills that are critical to our children's development with activities threaded through the current curriculum.

Active Early Learning Study

The Benefits are Clear

  • Increased ability in fundamental movement skills building confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment across a range of physical activities.
  • Significant improvements in vocabulary and communication.
  • Improvement in cognitive learning which includes memory and problem solving
  • Improvements in social behaviour such a teamwork, sharing and negotiation
  • Higher levels of engagement both in and out of the classroom enabling the building of friendships and the ability to play together in small groups.
  • Improvements in the ability to concentrate and focus on each task, an important requirement for school.


The AEL Curriculum builds on over 14 years of world class research in this area and will support your child in their lifelong health and wellbeing journey


The AEL Curriculum promotes the development of stronger muscles and joints, but also assists in the development of important skills and behaviours required for school. This means that your child will be physically AND mentally equipped for the challenges of day-to-day school demands.


Evidence from the Research group showed that active children also perform better academically (20% improvement in NAPLAN).  The Active Early Learning Study has highlighted why these factors are linked, with children participating in the physical literacy curriculum demonstrating significantly increased vocabulary skills, cognitive development and behaviour. Children were also able to concentrate on tasks for longer and complete activities. All of these factors support children as they transition to school.

How will it benefit my child?

The AEL Curriculum provides the best possible start for your child at a critical time in their development. Not only does it build the fundamental movement skills that are so important for a lifelong health journey, but it also supports the critical developmental areas of vocabulary, cognitive and social skills.

How does it work?

One of the best things about the AEL Curriculum is that it builds physical literacy into the day, rather than being provided by an external party only at specific times. Our Educators are the best people to deliver this and the curriculum supports them to help each child on their personal physical literacy journey every day. This approach in developing our Educators has been validated in over 14 years of research.

Is there any additional cost?

No, the curriculum and activities are all included in every child’s standard daily fees.

How do I enrol my child or find out more?

Speak to the Centre Director at your local Edge centre or contact us today!

Edge Early Learning in partnership with ACPL and have joined forces to deliver a comprehensive curriculum that will encourage, motivate and promote your child’s physical, learning, social and emotional skills that will support them throughout their entire life.