9 recipes to rock your next picnic

04 August, 2022

These cooler days are perfect for picnics, aren’t they? You can spend more time outdoors without getting too sweaty (just don’t forget sun protection) and your food stays fresh longer than it does in summer. Here are the recipes we’re making for our next picnic.

Chicken salad sandwiches

Level up your sandwich game with this delicious chicken salad sandwich – even your children will love it. The filling can be made in advance for easy picnic prep, then simply slather it onto some fresh white bread, wrap them up and pop them into your basket. It’s not a picnic without sandwiches!

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Homemade muesli bars

Supermarket muesli bars are great to have on hand for quick snacks, but it’s hard to know what’s in them. That’s why we prefer to make our own; it’s also much cheaper and a lot more nutritious. This recipe in particular features rolled oats, dried fruit and rice bubbles. Yum!

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Carrot cake banana bread

Moist, fluffy and free from dairy and refined sugar, this is one sweet treat you’ll happily pack for a picnic. We love that you can see the chunks of carrot and oats. The cream cheese and maple syrup frosting (spiked with cream cheese to make it a little lighter) is the literal icing on the cake.

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Mars Bar slice

Those who shy away from packing actual Mars Bars in their picnic basket will love these refined sugar and gluten free alternatives. With sweet rice malt syrup, dark chocolate and rice bubbles, you won’t even miss the real thing – just remove the nuts to make them safe for all of your picnic guests.

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Veggie-packed muffins

Muffins packed with vegetables that are actually delicious?! Yep, the day has finally arrived. These super healthy, super tasty muffins are the perfect picnic snack, especially if you’re not planning on putting a full spread together. They’re made with grated zucchini and carrots but you wouldn’t know it, thanks to the sweetness of the over-ripe bananas and the honey/maple syrup.

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Mini crustless quiches

These mini crustless quiches look as good as they taste. Packed with classic ingredients like ham, cherry tomatoes and cheddar cheese, they’re an easy recipe to have on hand for your next picnic. You can also change them up by adding your children’s favourite fillings!

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Nougat, made with love

Soft, chewy and oh so sweet, you can’t say no to these delicious bites of nougat! They’re not only delicious – they’re also super easy to make, coming together in just minutes (though you’ll need to practice patience not to eat them while they set). They’re especially perfect for a Valentine’s Day picnic!

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Chocolate bliss bites

We love bliss balls (or bliss bites, when our rolling skills aren’t quite there!). They’re the perfect healthy, sweet treat to pack into the picnic basket, helping you forego the pre-packaged varieties you’ll find in the supermarket. They freeze well, too, so you can always be picnic ready.

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Homemade sausage rolls

You don’t need to throw a party to indulge in this beloved party food – especially when it’s this nutritious! These sausage rolls are hard to resist with their flaky pastry and flavoursome filling, and because they’re homemade, you don’t need to worry about any nasties that have been snuck in.

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